Saturday, March 19, 2011

A bit of a haul...

I've gone on a bit of a make-up binge in the past fortnight and here is the aftermath...

Cheap and Cheerful

Rimmel Eyeshadow quads and trios on clearance from the chemist.  I haven't used this brand before, but for $6 each I figured it was worth a try even if they aren't as pigmented as I would like.  Stay tuned for a road test coming up soon!

Clinique Gift Time at Myer

My skin had changed and become more oily and prone to breakouts so I'm switching over to  higher strength 3 Step Daily Skin Care and incorporating some of the Anti Blemish range too.

No better time to stock up than Gift Time!  I was almost out of Clarifying Lotion so DH (of all people!) suggested I get more.  I decided to go from a #2 to a #3 rather than #4 or Anti Blemish.  We'll see if it's strong enough!  I still have plenty of the soap and moisturiser so I'll use them up before switching over.

The other thing I got which I'm totally in love with is the Anti Blemish Solutions Liquid Foundation.  It contains salicylic acid so it fights those spots while hiding them instead of making my skin worse.  It's a little on the sheer side so a powder on top would work for days when more coverage is needed but what I love most is how it feels.  My skin feels much nicer and cleaner with it on.  I can't feel it and it doesn't make me itch.

The gift set contains:

All about Eyes Serum.  I'm in love with this stuff and am waiting on an order from Cosmetic America to arrive with a full size tube of this stuff!

Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer.  I'm really impressed with the size for a sample.  Haven't tried it yet since I'm busy defending my face against spots at the moment.

Dramatically Different Moisturizer.  What Clinique gift set is complete without it?  I must have a handful of various sized containers of this stuff.  I'll probably give them away and switch to the anti blemish moisturizer.  Again, a really generous size for a sample.

Deep Comfort Body Lotion.  You can never have too many body lotions lying around...especially with winter on its' way and the drying effect ducted heating has on skin.

High Impact Mascara.  I never have to buy mascara these days!  It's always in one gift pack or another.

Take The Day Off Make Up Remover.  For lids, lashes and lips.  These are the areas I struggle to remove make up from.  I'll be buying a full sized bottle for sure!

Long Last Glosswear in Air Kiss.  Very sheer and nude. I prefer something that shows up better but it's SPF 15 and can be worn everyday and goes with all colours.

Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duo in Peach Plum and Blush in Smouldering Plum.  Awesome colours!  Love them all.  I wasn't sure how well the peach and plum would play together but they do.  Very wearable colours and great for travel.

The Bag.  Love these bags that hang on the back of the door.  Great for travel where storage space is tight.  I would have loved this when I was in hospital.  I had to put my toiletry bag next to the small sink and it barely fit and was impossible to find what I needed.

NYX Eyeshadow Palettes

My sisters introduced me to NYX this month.  An affordable yet highly pigmented range of makeup.

I got a couple of gorgeous eye shadow palettes from the new Caribbean Collection:

I Dream of Barbados - Pinks, purples and silver/charcoals

I Dream of Antigua - Green/blues and silver/greys

Haven't really played much with them because I'm holding out for new make up brushes.

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