Friday, March 25, 2011

Ebay Clinique Purchase

One of my most favourite Clinique's Bamboo Pink.

I first discovered this colour as a sample in a gift pack so a full size followed shortly after.

Sadly it didn't last long since a certain little boy decided to grind it (and a variety of other creams and cosmetics) into the carpet.

So not really wanting to pay full price (again!) for the lipstick I had a look on ebay and found this gift pack with a full sized lipstick!  The whole thing including postage was less than the cost of the lipstick if I had bought it by itself! Woohoo!

I just LOVE the two make up bags!  They're a little smaller than I hoped though.

The set also comes with an eye shadow trio in Totally Neutral, Shimmering Stripes blusher in Peony, 3 make up brushes and mascara.

I've never seen Clinique do an eyeshadow sample in a round compact with the mirror on top.  The size of the eye colour is TINY though:-(

Overall I'm really happy!  I have my favourite lippy back and a whole lot of other goodies!

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