Monday, April 11, 2011

Nail of the week -11 April

Designer Diva

Parlez Vous by OPI from the France Collection

Parlez vous OPI is from the OPI France collection, and is a wonderful deep greyish purple which is very unique. I decided on this colour this week as I wanted a colour that packed a little more punch than Sweetheart, which I wore last week, but was not super obvious as I wave my arms about at work.

Shoestring Shopaholic

Thunderbird by China Glaze from the Retro Diva Collection

I chose this colour because I really love wearing 'jewel' tone nail colours in the autumn/winter months. I think the shades really suit the cold and dark changing weather. So this CG colour thunderbird seems like the perfect deep luscious ruby colour. It's got a slight shimmer but the red colour is so deep and beautiful. Loving this look!

Yummy Mummy

Electric Eel by OPI from the Brights Collection

I've had pinks with black shatter the past 2 weeks so it was time for something different.  Given SS and DD chose red and purple I felt either green or blue was in order.

I went with Electric Eel.  I've been dying to try this one!  I'm not sure whether it qualifies as HTF but it certainly isn't readily available. 

I loveLOVE the irridescent/duochrome effect.  It flashes a gold/pink/orange.  You can't really tell in the pic...also IRL the colour is more intense.  It looks kind of washed out even thought I didn't use a flash. :-(

I applied about 4 coats over natural nails but I've seen it applied over black and it looks AWESOME.  Must try that next!

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