Monday, April 4, 2011

Nail of the Week - 4 April

Designer Diva

Sweetheart by OPI from their Softshades Collection

"I'm wearing sweetheart, because I have a job interview on Tues and want to look a bit more conservative, plus I haven't worn it since I got it and I love it"

Shoestring Shopaholic

Nicole By OPI's Virtuous Violet

"I actually didn't happen to choose this gorgeous deep "Cadbury" colour
purple for my nails this husband did! It was his birthday on
Thursday and to mark the special occasion I told him he could pick any
colour of nail polish I had and that I would paint my nails in that colour.
He loves purple and even though I had a few purples to choose from, he chose
this particular one. So, my nails are kind of dedicated to him this week."

Yummy Mummy

Teenage Dream and Black Shatter by OPI from the Katy Perry Collection

This week I'm trying the Back Shatter again.  I had been reading about other people's experiences with it and it had been suggested it only worked properly with the Katy Perry range of polishes.

I wanted to try this out!

I started applying it thin and streaky like last time and got a very similar result so I don't buy that theory.

I tried applying it thicker and got a much better result so I think I just applied it too thinly and it doesn't have anything to do with the polish.

I LOVE Teenage Dream so much that I couldn't bear to cover it all with the black so I only did every second finger.

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