Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Origins Vita Zing Moisturiser review

I have been watching a lot of YouTube beauty gurus lately and several of them have been talking about Origins Vita Zing moisturiser with SPF 15. What got me intrigued was that they were all calling this product a "miracle product" and so naturally, I wanted to know why. They were all swearing by it saying that it makes your skin look smooth, flawless and gives it a sun kissed glow. A couple of the gurus were even saying that you could substitute liquid foundation with Vita Zing. This immediately got me interested as i can never find a good foundation that is the right colour for me.

So, after much searching online and having no success, I found a store called Kit Cosmetics on Chapel St in South Yarra that stocked it! Like all cosmetics, I was worried that the price difference between the one in the USA and the one here in Australia would be wasn't! It was around $7 more here than in the USA and you would normally pay more for shipping it here anyway so I snapped it up.

VERDICT: Amazing! Honestly, I'm not joking. This stuff is magical. Its a small 1.7oz/50ml tube but you literally use a small amount (the size of a pea or a little larger depending on your face). It comes out of the tube as a normal white coloured moisturiser, but when you rub it in your skin starts to tingle and you immediately get the smoothest, clear and even complexion with a hint of tan. I am so impressed and I will definitely be re-purchasing this product.

The box that it comes in states that its an energising and multi tasking moisturiser. I would definitely agree. It gives me a tint, moisturises my skin, evens out the discolouration AND controls my oil. You have to try it to believe it!

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