Friday, April 8, 2011

Online Shopping: MIMCO

Due to the soaring Aussie dollar and the abundance of goodies overseas, its never been a better time to shop internationally online. However, I am on the email list of the fabulous Aussie company of Mimco and get info regarding sales and deals. They were having an amazing online sale on handbags, and as my MIL expressed a desire for a new handbag a while ago, I put 2 and 2 together and found myself buying a gem from Mimco online.

The bag came within about 10 days of ordering online in a Mimco paper bag within a brown box. Inside, there was a dust cover containg the gorgeous bag. It is the 'Under the Radar' day bag in the colour Fudge. It is made of the softest leather and finished impeccably. Large enough to fit all your daily handbag needs, but not so huge and heavy that you do your shoulder in. I have always loved this style (esp in the colour pancake!) but couldn't justify getting one myself (actually, confession: not true! Was pleasantly "discouraged" by a voice of "reason." Whatever) .

Without flash
With flash
Original price was $399 and the quality makes it worth every cent. However, the sale made this gorgeous bag only $149 with $20 shipping! The shipping is absolutely steep, but when you're getting such a great price on such an amazing bag it is no problem. I think this is an amazing deal and I haven't found this bag sold in Mimco stores anymore, so online may be the only place to get these. I do find that the Mimco online prices are actually much better than instore prices. Anyway, hurry while the deal lasts!!

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  1. Is your Voice of Reason named Dylan by any chance?? lol