Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Themed manis!

The day is here and us Beautyholics can't wait.

We've decided to paint our nails to mark the occasion.

Yummy Mummy

I agonized over the choice. I had polishes with really obvious names like Blushingham Palace or Who Needs a Prince? but I decided to go with Aphrodite's Pink Nightie and Show it and Glow it on my bling finger (all by OPI). Why??

Well firstly it's rumoured the royal couple may honeymoon in Corfu so Aphrodite's Pink Nightie (APN) being from the Greek Isles Collection seems perfect. The similarities don't end there! Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love and beauty which is apt for a honeymoon as are pink nighties!

Show it and Glow it from the Burlesque Collection is also pink and if I had Diana's sapphire and diamond engagement ring it's definitely be showing and glowing!

My version of APN (and I've seen a few thanks to OPI's bad quality control!) is on the lighter side and very frosty. This made application a royal pain! It's also sheer so I needed about 4 coats which made for soft polish which shows brush marks and smudges easily. I fixed a few fingers then gave up. I'm on meds which make my hands shake worse than usual so please excuse the poor application in the photo!

Designer Diva
I chose Agent Lavender by China Glaze to honour the royal wedding. The Agent part reminds me of my favourite British spy, James Bond, and the Lavender reminds me of the lovely lavender-blue dresses that my bridesmaids wore for my wedding four and a half years ago.
Agent Lavender is my favourite mauve nail polish. It goes on opaque and lasts for at least 4 days with a top coat. Above is 2 coats. The closest in colour I have seen is Liacism from Essie, where the formula is crap, it goes on streaky and takes forever to dry. Happy wedding fever!

Shoestring Shopaholic

For the Royal Wedding, I decided to go with the very apt Dating A Royal by OPI. Its the most beautiful rich royal blue colour and it is a creme finish. I love OPI in general and love the extra wide brush. It makes it so much easier to apply. But back to the Royal Wedding.....Dating A Royal is so appropriate.

Kate Middleton was dating Prince William all through their university days and the couple finally wed this week. It just goes to show that anyone can 'date a royal'.

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